Train Harder. Sweat More High energy, fast paced, fat destroying workouts

Houston Kickboxing Class You want cardio kickboxing for weight loss? After School Program for kids? Train to fight?

After School Kickboxing

After School Kickboxing

Are you looking to get your kids off the couch? To get them to put down the video game controller and get active with something they'll get addicted to?

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing

Are you ready to get into the best shape of your life with a high intensity, full body workout? Learn more about the non stop action of our cardio kickboxing program

Cardio Kickboxing

Kickboxing for Competition

Are you looking for lightning fast punches, devastating kicks and footwork that makes you seem unbeatable? You've found it.

Houston After School Kickboxing Program Transform your child into a focused and disciplined, highly skilled athlete
with a determined hunger for progress and improvement.


Get Them Off The Couch

Get your kids up and out with a sport they will not only enjoy but want to do every day.


Learning Discipline

With our classes, your kids will learn discipline and respect for both instructors and peers.


High Intensity Exercise

Our classes will keep your kids moving and their heart rates up, improving fitness & health.


Build Confidence

Through training, your kids will be much more confident in themselves and in their abilities.


Eliminate Bullying

Stopping any bully begins with having enough confidence in yourself to firmly tell them to stop.


Socializing With Others

With most of our training being partner based, your kids will learn to work well with peers.

After School Kickboxing Pictures Classes with non stop action and non stop fun which your kids will really enjoy.


Immaculate, Safe, Clean & sanitary environment We welcome you to one of the very gyms which is not only sanitized but smells fresh and clean every single day

Clean Gym 1
Clean Gym 2

What our parents say about us

These guys are really great with my little girl. She loves it. She's always excited to go to kickboxing and always has a great time. I would recommend this place to anyone for an after school program. Mike B.
Initially, I was concerned that it would be difficult for my daughter because she's a little small for a 7 year old. They took great care of her and she actually loved it. Now, she won't miss a class! Alex M.
The instructors are wonderful and are very creative in how they teach the kids and keep them fully engaged. I highly recommend this class to all parents that want to get their kids exercise. Jenny

Ph: (713) 501-5019

CARDIO KICKBOXING FOR WEIGHT LOSS High intensity, exciting and fun workouts that simply destroy calories as you
lose weight and flatten, tone and shape your body.


A Friendly Environment

When you step in front of the bag, you are among friends, who are both supportive and helpful.


Motivating Instructors

You will be pushed every single step of the way to perform your best and burn maximum calories.


Learn Striking Techniques

Our instructors are experienced in boxing and kickboxing and always happy to help with technique.

Womens Kickboxing

Affordable Plans

We have membership plans to accommodate everyone who is serious about their goals


Personal Attention

We believe in smaller classes with more personal attention paid to you, by our instructors.


Sports Nutrition Specialist

We have a sports nutrition specialist on site, always available to work with you on meal planning and nutrition for weight loss.

Why try our cardio classes?

Always Challenging

Whether you are an experienced or competitive athlete or just looking to get into shape, you'll be pushed to your personal limits at a pace which is appropriate for your fitness level to ensure the best workout for you.

Always Exciting

You get to punch and kick, elbow and knee the hell out of the bags. Let's face it, male or female we all just want to punch and kick stuff sometimes. The really great news is that with us, you get to punch and kick as hard as you want and nothing will punch or kick you back.

Always Fast and Fun Workouts

Combining elements of Kickboxing, Boxing and Muay Thai (elbow strikes, knee strikes, kicks), we have created a program ideal for weight loss with high energy, high intensity, fat destroying workouts perfect for all fitness levels.

Always Different

No boring repetition here! One of the hardest things about cardiovascular workouts is the lack of variation combined with the needed duration to see any benefit. If you need a break from your cardio routine, this is perfect for you. Each workout is as different as it is challenging.

How cardio kickboxing can help you

All Fitness Levels

Work at Your Own Pace

just starting out? In great shape? No matter what you're fitness level is, you will be pushed according to your own ability

Tone Muscles

Work at Your Own Pace

just starting out? In great shape? No matter what your fitness level is, you will be pushed according to your own ability


Up to 1000 Calories Per Hour

Our high intensity workouts are guaranteed to get your heart rate up there, on par with running at a very fast pace.


We Beat em' Up!

You'll be able to get out all your tension and stress on brand new heavy bags which love being hit hard and don't hit back!


Free Weight Loss Specialist

In addition to high intensity, fat incinerating workouts, we have a weight loss specialist to assist you with diet.


Watch Your Body Change

Between kickboxing and free weight loss consultations, you'll see your body change every week as pounds melt away.

Cardio Group Photos

Clean Gym 1
Clean Gym 2


It goes very fast which is good for me. They also have kids kickboxing and sparring. The first class is free and they have reasonable membership packages. Josie B.
Very fun group to work with. I always walk out feeling like I got a great workout. Highly recommend. Kari S.
I'm so happy that I finally came to Impact Kickboxing! I have never been one to go to the gym every day. What I like is there are people of every age, shape, size and fitness level. Zoi

Ph: (713) 501-5019



We also train to fight!

We have a very structured, well thought out training system beginning from basic footwork and basic movement to a highly effective and highly skilled fighter. Though, everyone says they want to learn to fight until the first time they get hit hard, we will definitely be happy to talk to you about your goals and whether or not we are a good fit for you.

Contact us for kickboxing class information Contact us anytime about our kixboxing programs. We are happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.


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